Our Instructors

Joy (Master Instructor)

40 plus years of swim education, teaching and coaching swimming and Water Polo

BS in Physical Education

CA teachers credential (no longer in use)

Ex-Competitive swimmer and water polo

Certified Red cross lifeguard and WSI which includes CPR for the professional rescuer, first aid, AED

Joy has a knack for bringing out the most in the students. She is extremely qualified and knowledgeable in swimming technique and teaching methods.

She is capable of teaching all levels of swimming from parent and tot, water safety survival skills to advanced swim technique. Her method is extremely efficient and the students learn very quickly under her instruction.

Joy coaches the more advanced level classes as well is hands on with the little ones. She is fair and gives clear efficient direction for student to understand. The skills progressions are developed in an organized manner. All skills build one upon another in an easy manner and combined into a proficient stroke. Students practice, practice, practice until the skills become a habit. Usually after 3 sessions children don't forget from year to year what they learned the previous year.

Joy's lesson plans are full with little wasted time, but not rushed. She has fun swim skill activities amid the focused work.

If you or your children like a structured swim lesson, likes to work hard, needs minimal socialization and playtime. Or need your child to learn at a quicker pace then Joy would be the perfect instructor to choose.


Amy (Experienced instructor)

Amy has been an instructor at Aloha for 8 yrs.

She swam competitively since the age of 10yrs

Wisconsin state champion in butterfly

University of WI- Madison Swim Team

Certified lifeguard - 30 years which includes CPR for the professional rescuer, First Aid, AED

Amy is a bubbly instructor and gives her students lots of love and nurturing. Her classes are filled with lots of laughter and her students feel happy ,loved and safe.

Amy employs a gentle teaching technique which is needed for the younger and newer or more nervous students. Yet, she can teach the more advanced level due to her extensive swim background.

Amy is very focused on her students and their learning progress, working at their pace and takes the time which is needed for their continued progress and success.

If you or your children like a fun, social, loving environment when your students are learning important swim skills, Amy would be a wonderful choice of instructors.


Mark W

I have been teaching and coaching swimming for over 15 years and have the utmost passion for teaching people how to swim. I have 3 kids under 6 and enjoy every moment with them. My teaching style is a more calm and steady approach to swimming. I enjoy swimming as a recreational sport as well as a competitive discipline. I love teaching all that I know to swimmers of all ages. When a swimmer masters a new skill, that is the best feeling in the world, and the reason I continue to teach today.