Swim Lessons

Scheduling and Registration Information

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Swim Level category and descriptions are below

Class Size

1-8 students per class

Class size varies depending on the age and the ability of the students for maximum learning and group fun.

Please see below for prices and class size recommendations.


Please check with your instructor if class will be held on holidays. You can arrange with the instructor to have class on holidays or reschedule to a different time.


Check your email one hour before you arrive to see if your class is canceled due to inclement weather. Classes canceled for lightning, torrential rain and high winds.

Classes available from 10:00am-6:40pm per instructor availability

(Seasonal times vary)

Pricing per Session

Private 15 min $320
Private 20 min $420
2 students 20 mins $220 each student

Group Classes 3-8 students
$190 per student

3 students 25 mins
4-5 students 30 mins
6-8 students 40 mins


2023 Session Schedule

All sessions are 4 weeks long

Feb 13 - March 10
March 13 - April 7
April 10 - May 5
May 8 - June 2
June 5 - 30
July 3 - 28
July 31 - Aug 25
Aug 28 - Sept 22
Sept 25 - Oct 20
Oct 23 - Nov 17
Nov 20 - Dec 15

If the session falls on a holiday please check with your instructor for the holiday schedule.

Sessions are 4 weeks long,

2 times a week, M/W or T/TH

8 total classes

Learning to swimm at Aloha Capo Beach Swimming School


Water Acquaintance, Safety & Survival, Parent and tot Level 1

(Age 8 months to 3 Years. Non Swimmers )

Sign up for Level 1 if your swimmer is under the age of 3 and cannot swim independently

We employ a gentle technique for the little ones with songs, toys and games. Will be taught to be comfortable with underwater immersion as well as basic water safety and survival skills. (Entering and exiting the pool safely, holding their breaths, floating face down and on their backs, turn-arounds, roll overs, basic swim movements for propulsion, safe jumps etc.)

Class size recommended: 1 student max (if under 2 years old) if parents are not in the water. 8 students max for parent and tot classes.

Non-Swimmer Level 2

(Age 3 and Up Non-swimmers)


Sign up for Level 2 if your swimmer:

Cannot swim independently with their heads submerged comfortably.

Please let us know if they are unlearned, anxious or fearful.

Category 1: Those that just have not learned the skill of swimming:  Will be taught to be comfortable with underwater immersion, basic water safety and survival skills, begin to learn basic stroke mechanics to propel themselves through the water.

Category 2. Those students that have anxiety or fear about water or swimming.  We will work through the issue of fear and slowly implement skills that can be accomplished with success.  We will move at a comfortable pace so learning is optimal, but need to encourage them to step out of their comfort zone on occasion for progress.

Class size recommended: 1-4 students max

Beginners Level 3

(Age 3.5 and Up)

Sign up for Level 3 if your swimmer:

Knows how to maneuver short distances without fear with their head submerged. They may not always get back safely, and will need to be monitored at all times.

This level will review water safety survival skills,  learn basic stroke mechanics for the freestyle (crawl stroke), breaststroke and 2 types of backstroke. Breathing techniques will be introduced at this level.  They will also begin mild conditioning and be introduced to the deep end of the pool for safe jumping and diving. 

Class size recommended: 1-3 students max if your child cannot reach the 3 ft section or 1-5 student max if they can.

Advanced Beginners Level 4

(Age 4 and Up)

Sign up for Level 4 if your swimmer:

Can swim independently across the pool or get to the side by themselves and can take a breath if needed.

They will begin to learn proper stroke mechanics for freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke and introduced to the butterfly stroke.   They will be taught correct breathing technique and begin conditioning with lap swimming.  The will also be introduced to treading water and diving 

Class size recommended 2-8 students max

Intermediate Level 5

(Age 7 and Up)

Sign up for Level 5 if your swimmer:

Can swim 3 or 4 competition strokes with proper breathing technique.

At this level students will work on refining the 4 competitive strokes with proper breathing technique, more advanced conditioning,  advance treading water and diving techniques. Train for Jr Lifeguard test, work on swim team skills "starts, turns, finishes. Ocean safety skills and wave simulation swims will be practiced.,  and friendly competition with classmates.

Class size recommended
2-8 students max

Advanced Level 6

(Age 9 and Up)

Sign up for this Level 6 if your swimmer:

Has mastered all 4 competitive strokes, can tread 5 minutes, can dive, do flip turns and can pass the Jr guard test

This class is for those that want ongoing conditioning, technique work, social outlet or meet Physical education requirements. These students will be taught Lifeguard techniques and have opportunity for friendly competition with classmates

Class size recommended 2-8 students max