Jr Guard Prep and Conditioning class


Jr Lifeguards is a wonderful program for youth to learn about ocean safety and various ocean activities. Most beach cities offer this program all along the coast. While we do not advocate one program over another, we do train the children and prepare them to pass the entry requirements and learn water safety survival skills before they are sent out into the ocean.

We strongly recommend that if your child is going to enroll in one of these programs to sign up for our Jr Guard Prep course so they have the basic understanding and skills necessary to feel safe and water prepared for the rigorous training they will receive at one of the Jr Guard programs.


Basic Requirements to pass the Jr Guard test


PDF100 yard swim in under 2- 2:30 minutes Depending on which program enrolled


PDF 5 minute of treading water


PDF10 yards of underwater swimming ( Some programs require this)

2021 Session Dates

Feb 15 to Mar 12

March 15 to April 9

April 12 to May 7

May 10 to June 4

June 7 to July 2

July 5 to July 30

Aug 2 to Aug 27

Aug 30 to Sept 24

Sept 27 to Oct 22

Oct 25 to Nov 19

Nov 22 to Dec 17



Whats the class about?

Preparing to pass the test and learn ocean safety skills

1. Review Freestyle stroke techniques and treading water

2. Swim conditioning and Jr Guard testing

3. Survival safety skills

4. Simulation of ocean swims

5. Managing fear or panic


8 classes. 4 weeks of training.

$125 per student

(Prerequiste: Technique class)


Class length varies (20 to 50 mins of training) according to the number of students (4-12 students) enrolled in the class.

2 times a week

Usually classes held between 3:30 and 7pm


Technique class required before enrollment of Jr Guard Prep course. This class is strenuos so it is important to have a proper foudation of stroke techniques